Harp Therapy & GIM (Guided Imagery)

Sound Bath

This method combines the vibrational and resonating power of the harp with GIM techniques and voice. Creative visualization and deep relaxation aims at enhancing our ability to reconnect with ourself. It can be adapted to suit various therapeutic intervention needs such as stress management, PTSD treatment, meditation or yoga and mindfulness practice.

Once deeply relaxed the listener is transported through a series of visualizations, guided with harp and voice prompts. Participants create their own journey much like an artist of the mind, and finish with peaceful images and feelings to keep with them to return to when needed. Allow yourself to daydream!!

Shannon Rose Scott – Sound Wisdom

Sound Cocoon – Deep Relaxation

This is a guided verbal deep relaxation session with focus on our attention to the resonance of the harp , long sounds, space and pulse. This is offered briefly at the beginning of the GIM session but can stand alone for complete relaxation minus the creative journey.

Individual and group sessions are offered, and can be adapted to suit the participants.

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Brainwaves and Relaxation

Brain Waves


A Harp Therapist follows the breathing patterns of the client and synchronizes with beat to eventually slow the rhythm into a deep relaxation state and ultimately into sleep.

Entrainment, as the music slows we are progressing through the acronym of brain waves : Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta.

As the tempo (tempo) of the music slows, the brain (body) moves from action and activity to deep relaxation and sleep.

Where words fail, music speaks. – Hans Christian Anderson

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