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Martha Lawrance, HarpistEnquire within for service rates & fees. Please feel free to contact Martha Lawrance with any questions regarding harp therapy and for any harp related services that you do not see listed on the website.

Martha is available to play in Bayfield and surrounding area including London and Toronto, Ontario. Virtual lessons, relaxation sessions and/or educational workshops can be offered through Zoom.

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If you are a hospice, hospital or other medical setting, that would like to provide a therapeutic harp session to yourself or a patient, please reach out!

To schedule a remote harp session via zoom for yourself or a loved one we rely on wi-fi, reception and a dedicated smart device, such as a iPad or other tablet, that can stream audio and video.

Generally sessions are 30-45 minutes but depends on the needs of the patient. Loved one and caregivers are most welcome.

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Martha's Harp Collection


Bayfield, Ontario, Canada


Harp Therapy, as a complementary care modality, can bring a special intimacy to the sacred experience of dying and through transition.

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