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Harp Therapy

Harp Therapy is a form of Music Therapy that uses the vibrations and the sound of the harp to create an environment conducive to the healing process.

Harp Therapy

Therapeutic music is used to promote health and wellness on all levels, attending to the individual’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Harp Lessons

Martha offers monthly group lessons for enrolled students via Zoom or in class. Beginner harp lessons are available.


Martha Lawrance, harp therapist, offers workshops to educate audiences about music and the healing process. She shares her experiences in various health care settings with live musical examples

Harp Therapy and Harp Lessons

Harp Therapy and Harp Lessons

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News & Events

Sound Bath & Guided Imagery

MacKay Centre, Goderich:

  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 29th, 3:30 - 4:30

Register with the centre.

Trinity St. James Church, Parish Hall, Bayfield:


Register and pay by e transfer $20.00 per session or $35.00 for both

Harp Therapy at Toronto Grace Hospital

Read review on Martha's bedside harp therapy work at the Toronto Grace Hospital.

Individual Harp Therapy

About Martha Lawrance

Martha Lawrance is a graduate of the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) accredited by the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians (NSTBTM) and is certified as a Therapeutic Harp Practitioner. She has studied with Arpaterapia Imaginative (Guided Imagery Harp Therapy) with leading Italian Harp Therapist Ludwig Conistabile.

Harpist Martha Lawrance

Benefits Of Harp Therapy

    • Can relieve depression, fear and anxiety
    • Pain distraction or management
    • Creates memories and facilitates social interaction
    • Emotional expression and release
    • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
    • Communication-reaches all people
    • Relaxation and sleep
    • Can aid digestion
    • Supports family

    Harp Circles

    The “circle” aspect is to learn to play the harp by ear, improvise or play pieces together at your own level be it a single note, chord or melody. The facilitator will guide you by the needs and requests of the group as a whole. Everyone is encouraged to play and will soon realize and use this circle as a way of self-healing and de-stressing while surrounded by healing vibrations.


    • Friendship and social interaction
    • Memory
    • Listening
    • Joy of music
    • Emotional expression
    • Creative outlet
    • Bilateral coordination
    • Cognitive stimulation
    • Balance and flexibility
    • Rehabilitation

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