Currently, large recreational programs as well as smaller intimate groups are offered in nursing and retirement homes.  These musical programs generally run for 45 minutes to an hour. All-inclusive groups are made up of approximately 20-30 residents of all capabilities. The residents engage at their own individual level and pace with some help from the therapist or care-giver. For the residents who are unable to attend due to various issues, such as being bedridden, the harp therapist can form smaller musical groups, or offer individual room visits at another time, or day.


With a theme in mind, the harpist plays an introduction for 15-20 minutes. This includes an extensive range of repertoire to suit everyone but mostly familiar pieces from their dating years.  The residents will sing familiar tunes and play rhythm instruments to selected harp or recorded music, depending on the theme. A selection of instruments such as maracas, bells, tambourines and various shakers are distributed to experience different rhythmic beats and styles of music.  The residents can experience marching music or exercise known as chair dancing with paper plates in hand to clap with lively music. Chords are created with colourful bells which are offered to harmonize with the harp music.  Quite often they are not willingly given back! The therapist will split the group in half to sing rounds and also to repeat songs to help with memory. Residents will also gladly play “Name that Tune”, engage in singing rounds, and play various singing games to enhance memory and listening skills. The last 10 minutes are used by the therapist to play good-bye songs and a few soothing harp tunes to lower the excitement level!!


Recreational Program - This program is currently offered at many locations throughout the city. The harpist will provide an hour long, all-inclusive, interactive, musical program filled with singing, the use of rhythm instruments and bells, chair dancing to Mozart, and familiar tunes from their dating years.  This session has been extremely successful on all levels.  Quite often the hour is stretched as residents love to interact with the therapist and run their fingers along the strings!  Residents learn to play a glissando while the practitioner plays the harp backwards!


This program can be introduced on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The therapist will also accommodate residents that are unable to join the group before or after if requested.

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Focus & Concentration

  • Confidence

  • Listening

  • Cognitative Stimulation

  • Social Interaction

  • Memory

  • Emotional Expression

  • Motor Skills

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